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Manufacturer of Generator Welding Machine

 We make sure that our welding generators give you the power on its portability and advanced technology.

HPM welding generator machine uses:

  • Generator Welding Machine of Railway lines.
  • Generator Welding Machine of HT. Transmission Tower.
  • Generator Welding Machine for the welding of Mobile Towers.
  • Generator Welding Machine for Airport constructions.
  • Generator Welding Machine for Water Pipeline welding/ repair in hills.
  • Generator Welding Machine Onsight Welding /repairing of JCB broke Jaws & Bucket Parts.
  • Generator Welding Machine for welding requirements in construction sites and factories.
  • Generator Welding Machine Any roadside or fieldwork involves the need for electricity & welding.

Portable Welding Generators

What is Generator Welding Machine or Welding Portable Generator or Portable Generator with Welding Machine:

Generator Welding Machine or Welding Generator or portable generator with welding machine is used for DC welding & as well as for AC electricity, 230 volts to run lights & small machinery like Hand Drill, Hand Grinders etc.

Now, for field jobs, there is no need to carry generators and welding machines separately because HPM welding generators have an inbuilt welding machine in their portable generator that’s why we call them Generator Welding Machine.

Portable welding machines are also known DG welding machines, Diesel welding machines, welding generators, portable generators for welding machines, portable welding generators, portable welding machines with generators or people simply call it as generators for welding work.

Features of HPM Welding Generators

  • The most user-friendly feature of HPM welding generators is its design and portability, our welding generators are lightweight (lightweight generators) and can be easily transported to any remote area or hilly terrains by a small car, jeep or by mules.
  • Portable Welding Generator manufactured by HPM weight varies from 48 to 115 kg only.
  • These welding generators can perform almost all types of quality and professional welding jobs due to the fact that HPM generator machines generate pure DC voltage for welding.
  • One more feature of HPM portable welding generators is that in these generators current can be adjusted from 50 Amps to 275 Amps according to the job requirements.
  • The HPM’s New Series: “Hybrid Welder Generators” have a Welding Range up to 600 Amps, Powered by 3 Phase Portable Generator.
  • Our New Portable Hybrid System includes Plasma Cutter CUT 60 & CUT 100 Models also Powered by 3 Phase Portable Generator
  • At Last HPM’s Latest Offer to our Valuable Customer: “4 in One Portable Genset” System Which Includesbelow Functions in a Same Generator:
    • 5 KVA Generator
    • 200 Amps DC Welding
    • Air Compressor
    • LED Light Tower

The Welder Model GE-8000W can even weld structural welding electrodes 7018, 4mm size.

Normally high power professional machines are required for working with 7018 electrodes.

HPM  welder model  DIGITAL – W 350AS  is the World’s most professional Portable Welder Generator.

HPM portable  welding  generators or welding generator machines  are useful for welders and Jobsites

HPM portable generators manufacturer various types of welding machine generators, three-in-one generators, diesel generators and other equipment.Many welding workers need to move from one location to another. A portable generator welding machine is one of the most  required tool for   construction or development projects due to the fact that   they usually need   to move from one place  to another   and it is undecided where it is going to be required from one hour to the next.

It is a well-known fact that the right kind of product for the job can save your time and increase work productivity. HPM generator welding machines or we can say portable generator welders are handy, portable, easily movable, advance and suitable for all applications, productions, maintenance and special purpose welding.

HPM generator welding machines comes in Petrol and Diesel fuel options, and both of them require   very low maintenance cost.

Its design and portability makes  them easily movable from one place to another without any extra efforts.

About Himalayan Power Machine Mfg. Co.

Himalayan Power Machines Mfg. Co. is located in a beautiful Kuanwala Valley, 10 Km from Dehradun, the capital city of Uttarakhand.

Promoters of HPM are successful and leading players in the filed of Portable Power Generation & have an experience of more than 30 years in managing perfect after Sales Network.

HPM is powered by the team of India’s most experienced and innovative engineers and technical staff who are engaged consistently in producing best Portable Power Products such as Portable Generators, Welding Generator Machines, Light Tower Gensets Portable Multipurpose engines, Agriculture products etc.

We are committed to fulfil the growing needs of Electrical and power tools for household, commercial, Institutional, Industries, constructions and agricultural sectors.

The Portable Generator under Trademark BIO POWERTM is considered as one of the most environment friendly, innovative and next generation Power Machines from HPM Mfg. Co.

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