Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) about Welder Generators

What is the Welder generator machine?

A welder generator is a special unit that can be used as a welding machine and as a power backup generator. You just have to fill in the generator tank and the unit provides electricity for your machines. In consequence, this system has been a significant part of many sectors of manufacturing, railways, construction sites, etc.

What is the main benefit of the welder generator?

The main advantage of the welder generator is that it is capable of functioning as a stand-alone generator. You’ve got a two-in-one generator machine that saves you time and money. If you do not use the welding tool, you can use it to create a continuous, steady power supply, which can be used to power standard electrical instruments and equipment.

What is the price of a welder generator?

When it comes to the price, the cost of the welder generator depends on the size and power capacity of the generator. So, the bigger the generator, the higher the price. Also, a welder generator with a high wattage capacity usually comes with a higher price tag. Himalayan Power Machine offers a welding generator at an affordable price tag.

Is welder or welding generator machine reliable?

Himalayan Power Machines offer welder generators with advanced systems which promise that the machine will provide enough power for continuous operation.

How long can we run a welding generator?

A quality welder generator produced by HPM should be capable to operate for a longer time. The high-quality generators are engineered with durable, reliable and heavy-duty parts so they can operate constantly, turning off just for a scheduled inspection, maintenance, and refilling.

How much does a welding generator weigh?

The welding generators made by Himalayan power machines are lightweight and you can carry them anywhere easily. In construction sites, two people can easily climb the stairs with this generator.

Which welding generator would be right for me?

This is a very common question, the answer to which welding generator is right for you depends on your work. You can contact us on our phone number 9410367945. We will ask you some questions and help you in selecting the right welding generator for you.


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