Why HPM?

World’s Best Portable Generator Series

  • India’s first Portable Diesel generator Series, which meets CPCB New Emission & Sound Norms, applicable form April-2014.
  • World’s quietest Portable generator in its class with very low noise.
  • Full automatic & Smart Generators, can Start & Stop by itself. Now you can enjoy the benefit of Invertors by owning this Generator.
  • The best Fuel Average. The great fuel saver generator, save 40% fuel compared to any other Brand of generator available Globally.
  • LAPTOP MODE: Select this mode for running sensitive electronic appliances like Laptops / Computers etc. Genset will deliver stable frequency (50-51 Hz.) & stable Voltage (230 volts).
  • POWER MODE: Select this mode for running high surge loads like : Air condition, Deep Freezers, submersible pump, Inductive loads / Industrial loads, Elevators (Lifts) etc.

World’s Best Alternators



India’s only portable generators to have Innovative & indigenously developed, world’s best REM Alternators.

  1. Rare Earth Magnetic (REM) Alternator gives Unbeatable high electrical efficiency η ≥ 95% .
  2. REM Alternators bears Very High overloads & can deliver almost twice the rated current, which is very helpfull to start Air Conditioner type Loads.
  3. Our Alternators Gives Pure Sine wave voltage with total Harmonic Distortion (THD) ≤ 2%.
  4. Brush less Alternators, which means, No Maintenance & long life.
  • The conventional Generator having THD 25% (Very Poor Sine wave) are only suitable for light loads & domestic use.
  • The Himalayan Portable Generator uses the new innovative REM Alternators, which gives 100% pure Sine wave, without any distortion & harmonics.

Super Cooling Technology

  • HPM Genset uses, Magnetic low noise, high efficiency Twin Blower system with variable speed.
  • The Air flow of these PMDC Blower, automatically increase with proportions of increase in load, so as to maintain stable Temperature : even it is used non-stop for 24 hours.
  • HPM Gensets are long life & very little maintenance expenses.
  • Wide range of Portable Generators 1 KVA to 10 KVA, more than 55 Models to Suit needs of all type of Consumers.

Other Unique Features

hpm generators digital voltometer
  • Very Convenient Digital Voltmeter cum Frequency  & hour Reading Meter
  • Low Engine Oil Sensor.
  • Low Diesel Fuel Sensor.
  • High Temperature Sensor.
  • Wheels for easy handling.
  • Strong Spare Parts Backup with 25 years experienced Servicing Team.
  • Strong In-house R&D Center. All products designed & developed indigenously.
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