HPW – 3P – AC/DC – 600 A


HPW – 3P – AC/DC – 600 A

Maximum DC Output Amps. 600 Amps.
Rated DC Output Amps. (60% Duty Cycle) 550 Amps.
Auxiliary DC Output Amps. 250 Amps.
Working Voltage 20 V to 50 V
Open Circuit Voltage 90 Volt


* World’s Most Portable, Compact, Professional & High Power Arc Welding Machine Cum Ac Generator.
* Suitable for All Type of Welding, Including Structural Welding Rods 7018 / Hand Facing Electrodes 6mm or big, best for Heavy welding of Thick Plate, with > 100 Feet Cable Length. This Machine Saves lot of Fuel because of twin Engine Design, Second engine Starts only when Load requirements are Very high.

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